A Free Guide to the New 2019 RSHE Curriculum

MPs have voted in favour of the new RSHE Curriculum, which is mandatory from September 2020. Schools however are encouraged to adopt the new curriculum from September 2019. We’ve created a free guide on the changes below.      What does the Relationships part of the...

Citizenship in the New Curriculum

It was National Volunteer Day on Friday which not only presented an ideal opportunity to celebrate all the volunteers that help out at your school, but also a great chance to include some citizenship activities into your planning. If you missed this opportunity,...

No levels: what now?

With the DfE rolling out more changes as they love to do, this year we have seen the majority of schools move to the ‘no levelling’ system. This article takes a look at the reasons for this change, and outlines some of the best alternatives for schools and...

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